About Tsalka

Tsalka rich in sights

Tsalka Municipality is diverse in its cultural, natural, historical and ethnic terms.

This is an area where the culture of Trialeti flourished and from the Bronze Age to the present day, many important atefact have been preserved or discovered.

Here, in every step, you will meet prehistoric Cyclopean settlements, castle ruins, caves, petroglyphs, monolithic stones, Gelaz stones of the oil fields, late or early medieval churches, medieval bridges, settlements, caves.

It is also rich in natural sights such as Dashbashi Canyon, Beshtashan Waterfall, Bareti Lake, Jamush Lake, etc. 

Historically, Tsalka, from the 9th to the 11th century, was the kingdom of Kldekari, so strong that even the king himself found it difficult to subdue the principality of Kldekari, and the last fortress where Liparit was fortified was only obeyed by negotiation. No enemy was able to capture this prison due to its strategic location. 

Tsalka Structural basin is a volcanic plateau. Tsalka Cavity is located at 1500-1700 meters above sea level and occupies 398.3 km2. Its highlands are covered with pastures, while the lowlands are used for agricultural purposes. Tsalka Reservoir is located in the center of the Cavity. Tsalka Municipality is located in the area of transition from a moderately humid subtropical climate of the mountains. It is characterized by cold winter and cool summer. 

Megalithic buildings are scattered throughout Tsalka Municipality. These are the buildings constructed without mortar, in dry stone walls used for defensive, religious, and domestic purposes. In this respect, Tsalka houses several distinctive megalithic buildings, dating back thousands of years. The existing buildings are quite damaged, and in most cases, only the ruins have survived. The abundance of megalithic buildings in the territory of Tsalka Municipality offers the best opportunities for the development of scientific, cognitive, and archaeological tourism.

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